5 Cheap & Quick Ways to Get Replacement Car Keys

Being in the situation where replacement of one’s car keys is required is aggravating and stressful because during this time the car owner is unable to access the vehicle and has to go through the hassle of getting a new key. The reasons for replacement can vary and include losing the car keys or having them broken, overused, or bent. In any case, the process of obtaining new keys can seem daunting, especially if there is a lack of knowledge about how and where to procure them. 

Are your car keys lost or broken? Here are five cheap and quick ways to get replacements.

  1. Seek the Assistance of a Locksmith

If the car is of an older model with a traditional locking system, then there is good news as you can get a replacement key made at dirt-cheap rates. Contact an experienced locksmith in Australia and schedule an appointment to get the car lock inspected and the key made accordingly. In addition, don’t forget to ask the professional to make spares as well while giving the locksmith the commission to create the new key. In case your car key is out of shape, an experienced locksmith can fix the key to make it functional and replicate the design to make spares well.  

  1. Take Help of the Dealer and the locksmith

In newer and modern cars the keys are programmed to open/close the lock, and it will be as easy to get a replacement key as with traditional cars. In case the vehicle requires a coded key, then you can seek the assistance of a reliable locksmith in Australia that can make digital keys and get the new key programmed by the car dealer. 

Most reputed auto locksmiths in Australia have the diagnostic software and programming equipment to replicate keys for all type of car brands and models. 

  1. Get a Replacement Key from the Dealer

Some keys are made with intricate laser codes etched using superior technologies and can only be replaced by the manufactures of the car. If the key that requires replacement is among these complex ones, then the best option is to contact the dealer, share your details, and get the upfront cost of getting a replacement key & a spare made. However, be prepared for the key to be made in a few days because digitally programmed keys replaced via dealers can take time. For people who have smart-card keys contacting the dealer would be ideal as these keys have chips and only the dealer can arrange for another smart-card type key. 

  1. Contact Your Car Insurance Agency

Get in touch with your car insurance agency to talk about your policy and if it covers the cost of getting a replacement, then ask for a reimbursement. Some agencies offer cost-covering in case a client loses their car keys, or they are stolen. It is an added service that may or may not be included in your car insurance policy. Therefore, checking with the insurer is necessary and if the service is not included in the policy then inquire about the cost of availing it through an upgrade.

  1. Purchase a Key Online and Get it Programmed

A common cheap solution besides contact an experienced locksmith in Australia people opt for is to purchase a key online and get programmed at the dealer. On reliable e-commerce sites, there are keys available for a variety of car brands and models, which makes it easy to get a pre-made key delivered in a few days. These keys can be purchased at affordable prices and sent to the dealership for coding. To get the key made this way, the car owner would need to produce the vehicle registration documentation.

What will be the cheapest and quickest option?

Although the option to buy a new key is always available for car owners, it is fast but it not cheap. Contacting the dealer to obtain new keys is expensive because the programming and coding required to make the key function are costly. It also includes the cost of central locking, alarms, and other functions. If you choose to get a spare as well, then it would add to the expense of getting the new key.   

Therefore, the cheapest and quickest option to get a replacement car key is to contact an auto locksmith in Australia and seek their assistance.

Wrapping Up

It is a hassle to have car keys lost, stolen, bent, or broken, as it makes the vehicle inaccessible, and it leads to a lot of stress. However, the good news is that there are cheap and quick ways to get replacement car keys. Through this guide, you can learn about these options and know which way would be best for you to obtain a new key.