We Have Mastered the Skill of Unlocking Safes

Better Locksmith has emerged as a reliable name in locksmith industry due to our exceptional quality.

It is not easy to master the art of unlocking safes. However, our safe locksmiths have made efforts, dedicated time as well as patience to develop that skill. For years, we are handling all types of commercial and residential safes, and thus we can easily unlock them without causing any damage to them.

We Are Number 1 Choice to open All Safe Types
Whether it is commercial or residential, traditional or digital, our experts can open any safe.

In all major cities of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and Canberra, we have become a trustworthy name due to our quality service, cost-effective solution and exceptional customer support. Whenever you need Better Locksmith service, we send out a mobile safe technician at your place to resolve the issue.

We Assure Quality
We Maintain Transparency
We give Quick Result
We Provide Complete Safe Solution

Whatever the problems you are facing regarding the security of your safe, you can call us and get comprehensive safe solutions at the earliest. Our technicians will not disturb you.


We can install electronic or biometric access to you safe


Our experts can help you to maintain the efficiency of your safe


If you forgot your combination or lost, we can help.


Our experts can also replace the existing safe key if you want.

Are You Looking for Reliable Locksmith service for your Safes? Feel free to call our customer support team


If you want to improve the security of your safes or open your locked safes, call us experienced professionals. We offer quality locksmith service in Adelaide.

Our professionals have mastered the art of unlocking safes. If you are having a problem with your safes in your house or office, call our experts.

At Better Locksmith, we are handling all sorts of residential and commercials safes for many years. For cheap and efficient locksmith service in Canberra, call us.

Our professionals know how to open safes without causing any damage to them. We have emerged as a reliable name in the locksmith market of Gold Coast.

No matter what problem you are facing regarding the security of your safe, contact us and get comprehensive safe solutions in Newcastle at an affordable price.

If you have lost your safe keys, you should not try to open it by applying force. You can opt for our locksmith service in Melbourne. 

If you don’t remember the combination of your lock, do not worry. Our locksmith professionals have helped many people in Perth to open their digital locks.

Are you searching for reliable locksmith service for your safes in Sunshine Coast? Better Locksmith is one of the most reliable names. Contact us today!

If you want to open your locked safes, you should always go for licensed locksmith professionals in Sydney. Our experts are always ready to help you.

Our Team is Our Strength

Better Locksmith has emerged as a reliable name in all major parts of Australia including cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Newcastle. And this is largely because of the team we have. Our locksmith professionals are qualified, experienced and adequately trained with all the latest development in this segment. Also, we use modern tools and equipment that make the task easy and cost-effective. Our locksmiths are highly appreciated for their punctuality, prompt and friendly service.

  • We are available 24/7
  • Provide a quick solution
  • Focus on Customer Satisfaction
  • Offer Economical price plan

Our Licensed Locksmith Knows How to open locked Safes - Be it Rotary, Biometric or Electronic Access.

At Better Locksmith, we have a team of professionals who can take care of your complicated safes, so that you can have easy access to your valuables.

Our Main Focus

When you require Better Locksmith service, we ensure that you get the best service and our experts resolve your issue at the earliest.

Best Team

When you need a safe locksmith service, we ensure that we are sending the best technician for your help.

Economical Price

We understand that value of your money, and that is why; we always look to provide an affordable price plan.


At Better Locksmith, we provide our locksmith service as per your requirement. Call us anytime and from anywhere.

Hassle-free Service

Our locksmiths are highly experienced and used the most advanced tools so they can accomplish the task in a hassle-free manner.

Let Our Professionals Help You

Forgot the Combination of your Safe? Do not worry! We Can Help You.

We have specialised safe locksmith to assists you. They used advanced tools and innovative methods to open the locks without causing any damage to it.

got a question?Faq’s

If you have forgotten the combination of your safe, do not panic. Call our professionals for help, and we will send our safe locksmith at the earliest. They know how to open such safe properly.
At Better Locksmith, we provide mobile locksmiths who are experts in handling all kinds of locks, including your safes. They work from the comfort of their fully equipped vehicle so that it can save your precious time.
If you have lost your keys, allow our experts to open the safe for you. They have years of experience, technical knowledge and the right tools to open it. We will replace your lost keys with a new set.
Whether it is a commercial safe or a residential safe, we have expertise in opening all kinds of safe with ease. Usually, it takes around 15 to 20 minutes, but the time can vary as per the complexity of the problem.
If you are a professional, safe locksmith, go ahead. Otherwise, you should not experiment with your safe. It can further damage the lock and the valuables inside it. Contact Better locksmith as soon as possible.
There is no fixed cost for using safe locksmith service. The cost of the task depends on the complication of the lock system – whether it has electronic or biometric access. The more challenging the job is, the expensive it will be.
In most of the cases, our locksmith opens a safe without causing any damage to it. However, sometimes, it becomes necessary to break the lock (depends on brand and model). But they inform the client before doing anything.

We Use Best Methods and Strategies to Solve Your Safe Security Problems

Whether it is combination lock safe or the electronic lock safe, we have expertise in gaining access to all kinds of safes.


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