Best Ways to Secure Your Home in 2020

Securing your home is of prime importance to ensure it is a place where everyone in the family feels safe. Whether you live in a suburb or a city, keeping your residential property protected from burglaries, trespassers, and other threats is essential. Therefore, assessing the current security set up and analysing how much at risk is the property for potential break-ins is vital. 

Do you want to know the best ways to secure your home in 2020? Here is your guide to help upgrade current security, prepare the property to leave for vacation, or make it secure after moving-in.

Make the Doors are Secure

It is typical for burglars and trespassers to enter homes that have hollow doors or ones that are not secured properly. Hence, analyse the doors in your home and get the following installed or upgraded by professional locksmiths in Australia.

  • Deadbolts or key and knob lockets
  • Peepholes
  • Electronic or smart locks
  • Door chains which are used along with other heavy locks
  • Door jamb reinforcement kit

In case there are sliding doors on the property, secure them by getting safety or blocking bars installed. 

Secure the Windows

The other vulnerable entry points of any house are the windows which are the least protected and the most commonly accessed by thieves or criminals to break into a property. The best way is to install safety glass or metal grills to solve this problem. If you wish to keep the windows safe yet accessible, then hire experienced locksmiths in Australia to install pin locks or an advanced pin-less securing system. 

In addition, get curtains and blinds for windows, especially the ones on the ground floor, garage and basement to keep valuables out of sight. For the windows on first or other levels, you can plant thorny or prickly flora that requires less care and offers excellent security.

Protect the Garage Doors

If your residential property has a garage, then securing it is essential to deter thieves and burglars from breaking in, as the garage doors are among vulnerable areas. If these doors don’t have an automated closing system, then get it installed and the doors will only open when the owner gives the command. Hire professional to install deadbolts or a full line of security locks to protect it from opening even with force.

Replace the Locks

After moving into a new property, the first step should be to replace the locks because the keys to the old locks may be shared with multiple unknown people. It increases the risk of break-ins as the chances of the keys to the locks of your new property being replicated are higher. Therefore, seek the assistance of reliable locksmiths in Australia who can replace the locks in the property and install better systems for optimum protection. In addition, ask the professionals to repair broken handles, hinges and other safety equipment in the entire property to have peace of mind.

Get a Home Security System Installed

Being cautious and proactive is the need of the hour, which is why getting a home security system is required to safeguard your home against burglaries, trespassing, and other crimes. Although DIY systems are available in the market seeking the assistance of professionals is wise since they can install the locks, camera, alarms, and other protection and surveillance equipment reliably. In addition, when professionals install the systems, the homeowner is provided with overall cost upfront, a demonstration, annual or bi-annual maintenance services, and after-sales support. 

Protect Your Wi-Fi Connection

Protecting the internet set-up at home is crucial for people with smart homes and security systems that are synced with devices linked via the WI-FI connection. By hacking this connection and learning the password, a thief or criminal can readily have access to cameras, footages, firewall settings, security system commands, and the locks. Therefore, invest in a Wi-Fi connection that can be secured, has WPA2 encryption, and can have antivirus/anti-malware protection. Besides this, ensure to use a strong password with alphabets, symbols, and numbers.

Invest in a Safe

In the worst-case scenario, if the home security system is breached and someone breaks into your home, the most practical measure to protect valuables is to have a safe. You can use the safe to keep jewellery, documents, cash, antiques, and other items of value. 

When buying a safe, ensure the security equipment has two or more locks and is of the right size for storage. Also, decide whether a traditional safe will be ideal for your home or an automated smart safe will be more suited. Whatever type of safe you choose to have in your home, ensure it is purchased from and installed by experienced locksmiths in Australia.

The Bottom Line

A home is a place where everyone should feel safe, which is why ensuring your home is secure is of prime importance. This guide will help make your home by providing guidance regarding the best ways to secure your home in 2020. By making your residential property secure, every member of the household can have peace of mind and feel safer.